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Naenbai is a thic, soft round or oblong flatbread made of wheat or barley flour. It is usually leavened with yeast or baking powder, and cooked in a clay oven. Milk or yogurt may also be used to give greater volume and thickness. Typically, the nan will be served hot. It is used to scoop other foods, or served stuffed with a filling, usually a minced meat mixture

Paenzha is a soft thin round fried flatbread. It is made by kneading, rice flour in hot water, as cold water tends to form lumps. The Dough is then rolled out with Rolling Pins, and the round shape is arrived at by cutting with a plate or a jar top. It is usually then fried in a shallow dish in oil.

Shae is a soft, thin wheat flatbread. It is made most often from wheat flour, and is cooked on a flat or slightly concave iron griddle.

Frata is a pancake-like slightly crisp flatbread made of dough composed of fat, egg, flour and water. It is cooked by flipping the dough into a large thin layer before heating it on a hot plate.

Taerepala is a thin, unleavened flat bread, made from wheat flour, shortening, and salt. The dough is kneaded until pliable and springy, rolled flat, and cooke in a cast iron skillet until brown spots form.

Taexhala is a taerepa made from finely ground maize.

Pfair is a double-layered pocket bread made with wheat flour and yeast. After the dough rises, it is shaped in a thin layer and cooked in a stone floor oven or over a thin, convex, metal plate over a fire

Sourdough Breads
Boempf is a dark sourdough rye bread, often made with a combination of coarse rye flour and whole rye berries, and slow baked for a long period.

Moerah is a soughdough flat bread made from fenugreek and maize flour that has been made into a soft dough that is fermented overnight with a sourdough starter> The dough is shaped into round loaves that are then allowed to rise before being flattened into round disks that are then baked. They can be kept for days in an airtight container. The addition of fenugreek increases the protein content, storage length and digestibility of the bread.

Ferra is a type of sourdough bread made with wheat flour, lard, and malt. It is baked in and oven and has a twisted shape.