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The Constitution Of Daistallia 2104

General Provisions

Individual, Responsibilities, and Limitations

Limitations on the actions of the Federal government

Federation, Cantons, and Municipalities

The Military, National Security, and Civil Defense

Legistlative Powers
The Congress of Representatives
The Council of Cantons
The Senate

The Executive Council:
The President
The Chancellor
The Chairman
Minister of External and Foreign Affairs (MoEaFA)
Minister of Security and Defense Affairs (MoSaDA)
Minister of Social, Internal, and Judicial Affairs (MoSIaJA)
Minister of Sophont Rights and Liberties (MoSRaL)
Minister of Science, Educational, and Technological Affairs (MoSEaT)
Minister of Trade, Economic, Commercial, and Financial Affairs (MoTECaFA)

Initiatives, Referendums, Recalls, and Removals