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Flying Wing

Wingspan: 88.1 meters
Height: 12.5 meters
Length: 49 meters
Engines: three high-bypass-ratio jet engines
Passenger Capacity: 800
Range: 11,265 km
Cruising Speed: 900 kph

The flying wing is constructed out of advanced composite materials and be divided by 10 intermediate ribs that run from the front to the back of the aircraft. These ribs divide the aircraft into 10 separate passenger bays. The body is fused together with the engine and wings, creating one lifting surface.

Passenger bays - The aircraft has a passgenger capacity of 800 in a double-deck cabin that is divided into five bays per deck. Most seats don't have windows, but video screens display window views. Each bay has doors at the front and back to make emergency exits easier.

Engines - Three high-bypass-ratio jet engines are located at the rear of the aircraft's body. Air that is on and near the surface of the wing flows through the flying wing's curved inlets and into its engines.