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Daistallia Military Industries, inc.

"E principali fondamenti che abbino tutti li stati ... sono le buone legge e le buone arme."
("The principal foundations of all states ...are good laws and good arms.")
Niccolo Machiavelli, Il Principe

Welcome to the home page for Daistallia's premier arms manufacturing industry.
Small Arms
The AG-3 Family of Small Arms
DMI AR-3 Assault Rifle
DMI AR-3a Assault Carbine
DMI AR-3-HB Heavy Barrel Support Assault Rifle
DMI AR-3-MK Marksman's Assault Rifle
DMI AR-3-12 Heavy Assault Rifle
DMI AR-3-SG Assault Shotgun

DMI MG-3 General Purpose Machine Gun
AAML Missile Launcher
SRL Squad Rocket Launcher

Armored Fighting Vehicles:
T-2 Mahakala Medium Tank
AGM-2 Assault Gun-Mortar

Infantry Vehicles
ICV-2 Infantry Combat Vehicle
LAPEC Light Armored Personnel Carrier

Reconnaissance Vehicles
HRV Heavy Reconnaissance Vehicle
LRV Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

Combat Engineer Vehicles
AGM-2-CET Combat Engineer Tractor
REAV Remote Engineer Armored Vehicle

Older Small Arms
The AGM-1 Assault Gun-Mortar Sytem
The T-1 Mahakala Tank/Tank Destroyer System