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Skar Garde I

Skar Garde I Class

The Skar Kampfer I Class is a deep space military escort craft.

Length: 720 m
Maximum Beam: 50 m

Forward Module: Length: 375 m
Beam: 60 m
Height: 50 m
Volume:1,075,000 m3 (75,285.7 hydrogen displacement tons)
Habbitat Module (rings retracted):
Length: 75 m
Beam: 50 m
Height: 50 m
Volume:175,000 m3 (12,500 hydrogen displacement tons)
Power Module: Length: 75 m
Beam: 50 m (70 m)
Height: 40 m (70 m)
Volume: 145,750 m3 (10,410.7 hydrogen displacement tons)
3 x Reactor Modules: Length: 75 m
Diameter: 50 m (70 m)
Volume: 147,187 m3 (10,513.4 hydrogen displacement tons)
Bridge Module: Length: 40 m
Beam: 40 m
Height: 40 m
Volume: 61,900 m3 (4421.4 hydrogen displacement tons)
Aft Module:
Length: 30 m
Beam: 40 m
Height: 25 m
Volume: 28,800 m3 (20057.1 hydrogen displacement tons)
4 x Drive Reactor Modules: Length: 75 m
Diameter: 50 m (70 m)
Volume: 147,187 m3 (10,513.4 hydrogen displacement tons)
Drive Module:
Length: 50 m
Diameter: 50 m
Volume: 97,950 m3 (6996.4 hydrogen displacement tons)

Total Volume: 8,614,709 m3 (615,336.4 hydrogen displacement tons)

Crew: 2500

Weaponry: 2 x 100 MJ particle accelerator weapon, 3 x 170 MJ RP plasma cannons, 2 x triple 25.6 mW x-ray lasers; 8 point defense turrets with dual 3.75 mW lasers and dual 90 mm chain guns, 4 x dual 15 MJ point defense RP plasma cannons, 6 missile bays x 1000 assorted missiles and 250 drones

Hull: 385 cm of advaced composites (11,550 cm RHA equivilant)

Primary Propulsion: Heim-Dröscher-Häuser Gravitophotonic Hyperspace Drive
Secondary Propulsion: 200 ion maneuvering rockets

Primary Power Generation: 3 x 875 mW D-T fusion reactors, 4 x 485 mW D-T fusion reactors
Secondary Power Generation: 25 proton exchange membrane fuel cells, generating 125 mWs each, for a total of 3,125 mWs, lithium polymer batteries generating 1000 mWh
Fuel: 9000 tons of Hydrogen, distributed in 20 alkali-modified fullerene nanotube lattice hydrogen fuel bays.

Maximum Acceleration (linear, in open space): 2.7 Gs
Cruising Acceleration (linear, in open space): 1 G
Maximum Deceleration (linear, in open space): 1.7 Gs

Hull: The outermost layer of the hull is a 100 cm layer of ablative foarm. This is followed by 50 cm layer of armor quality polyethylene. Next is 75 cm of foam steel alloy, reinforced with embedded carbide whiskers, and a ceramic matrix, also reinforced with embedded carbide whiskers, in 5 sandwiched layers . This is backed with a 150 cm layer of foam titanium alloy reinforced with embedded carbide whiskers. The innermost layer is a spalling shield made up of 10 1 cm sheets of 2-D weave boron filament, bioweave, and polyethylene fiber. The combined elements have a total Specific Strength* (MPa-cm3/g) of 4500 (30 times that of RHA steel armor).